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Quality Policy
As Bayburt University, our Quality Policy:

• To ensure that the basic principles of Quality Management are adopted and implemented as a philosophy of life in our University.
• To achieve our goals by meeting all applicable conditions required by the legislation and standards we are obliged to comply with and by working as a team with a quality-oriented management approach,
• To meet the expectations and ensure the satisfaction of our employees, all our stakeholders who receive service from us, serve us and cooperate with us, by providing services with a participatory, investigative and open-to-continuous approach to improvement,
• To carry out all our duties, such as education and R&D, as determined by law, in close communication and cooperation with the segment we serve, our environment and society, and to contribute to social development.
• To create a working environment that ensures employee health and safety and where innovative and creative approaches will flourish,
• To increase our efficiency in all our processes through continuous improvement by using all kinds of resources effectively,
• To be a pioneer in its field, a university that designs the future, embraces universal values, complies with international standards and meets digital transformation requirements.
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