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Dean's Message

Prof. Dr. Sedat MADEN

Dear Faculty of Education Students,

The Faculty of Education is an important institution that aims to train individuals who are taking the first step into the teaching profession. We, as teachers of the future, are here to equip you with knowledge and values.

The education you receive at the Faculty of Education includes not only technical knowledge but also ethical values, empathy and communication skills. Our classes are filled with knowledge-hungry minds and encourage your active participation in the learning process. We will organize various events to further strengthen student-faculty interaction. We aim to increase knowledge sharing through seminars, workshops and panels. We will also enable you to come together with student clubs and social events.

Prof. Dr. As Sedat Maden, it is a great honor for me to witness your successes and prepare you for the future. As the Faculty of Education family, I want you to know that we will be with you every step of the way.

I hope that your success will continue and your dreams will come true, and I hope that the new academic year will bring health, happiness and success to all of you.

Kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Sedat MADEN
Dean of the Faculty of Education
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