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Bayburt Faculty of Education was established in 2002, affiliated with Atatürk University, and started to educate students in the departments of Science Teaching and Classroom Teaching, which were opened under the Department of Primary Education in 2003. Bayburt University was established in accordance with the Annex: Article 97 of the law numbered 5765 dated 22/5/2008 and our faculty has reached its current status as a subsidiary of Bayburt University. Our faculty, which has a 4-year education period, produced its first graduates from the Classroom Teaching and Science Teaching programs at Atatürk University in 2007 and at Bayburt University in 2012.

Bayburt Faculty of Education, which has seen providing a qualified education to its students as its main mission since the day it was founded, actively teaches Classroom Teaching and Preschool Teaching under the Department of Basic Education, Science Teaching and Mathematics Teaching under the Department of Mathematics and Science Education, and Turkish under the Department of Turkish and Social Sciences Education. Students are educated in the programs of Teaching and Social Studies Teaching, Guidance and Psychological Counseling under the Department of Educational Sciences, English Teaching under the Department of Foreign Languages Education, and Computer and Instructional Technologies Teaching programs under the Department of Computer and Instructional Technologies Education.

Our faculty, which has started to continue its educational activities in its new service building since the 2018-2019 academic year, aims to provide its students with the best education in line with the requirements of the age. In our faculty, field courses such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Science Education are carried out in laboratories, and teaching practice and school experience courses are carried out in educational institutions affiliated with the Ministry of National Education under the guidance of our faculty members. In addition, within the scope of the community service practices course, our students are enabled to participate in social services by collaborating with different public institutions.

Our faculty has 3 computer laboratories and 44 classrooms with capacities ranging from 35 to 132, all equipped with computers and projection devices.

As of the 2023-2024 Academic Year, a total of 1686 students are receiving education.

As of the 2023-2024 Academic Year, there are a total of 56 academic staff in our Faculty, including 6 Professors, 17 Associate Professors, 24 Doctoral Lecturers, 7 Research Assistants and 2 Lecturers.

Our faculty is rapidly progressing towards becoming one of the leading education faculties with its number of students and strengthened academic staff.
Dean's Office of the Faculty of Education
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