Explanation of the Free 6 GB “Support for Distance Education” Quota for University Students from the Council of Higher Education

Dear Students,


We continue our distance learning activities continuously within the scope of Covid-19 global epidemic measures affecting public health in the world. As you know in this process, we presented the “YÖK lessons platform”. https://yokdersleri.yok.gov.tr at its address to the service.


You will now be able to access the contents of our universities, which you can access at https://yokdersleri.yok.gov.tr, within the scope of the “Support to Distance Education” quota of 6 GB, which will be defined free of charge by your mobile operators.


6 GB of free internet use provided by all mobile operators to support distance education in our universities will include course content and online training provided by many universities.


We are aware that this step is a meaningful but modest step. But we continue to work for you.


Click here to reach the universities included in the system.


* Our universities Zoom, Teams, Youtube, etc. content, links and referrals provided by tools will be excluded from the “6 GB Distance Education Support” quota. Therefore, these uses will be charged by deducting the quota of your internet packages belonging to your operators.


Hope to meet on healthy days…