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Mission and Vision


The purpose of establishment of Bayburt University Faculty of Art and Design; To train artists and designers who use their historical and cultural heritage, are aware of their social responsibilities, and can contribute to various fields of fine arts and design in an original way. It is among our priorities to contribute to the development of art with original works by constructing qualified academic programs that interpret the historical and cultural infrastructure of our country and region within the framework of current developments. In addition, we aim to contribute to the transformation of social needs into art and design products, and to raise awareness in terms of art and design in the society through various publications, projects and events.


The vision of Bayburt University Faculty of Art and Design; It is to raise awareness of our society about history, cultural environment and works of art by taking our culture and art, which has a deep-rooted history, as a source. Our priority is to provide education, training and research by adhering to universal, academic and ethical values. In the fields of art and design, it is among our goals to be an institution that is sensitive to social problems and the environment and has a sense of responsibility. Our main goal is to develop the artistic skills of students in a multidisciplinary, critical, creative and original thinking environment that is open to innovations and developments, and to spread their knowledge, experience and workforce to the society.

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