Milking Shift of Geographical Indicated “Bayburt Honey” Started at Bayburt University

With the initiatives started by Bayburt University, the milking shift season of “Bayburt Honey”, which was registered by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Institution with Geographical Indication and produced in the application areas of the University, has started.

Produced with modern applications at Bayburt University Beekeeping Research, Development and Application Center and Demirözü Vocational School; The first milking shift of "Bayburt Honey", which has an important reputation with its unique plant flora, color, smell, consistency and taste depending on the nature and climatic conditions, was performed.

Demirozu Vocational School director Dr. Yaşar Erdoğan said that Bayburt plateaus with its rich endemic plant flora, climate and vegetation are very favorable for beekeeping and honey production, and this is a marker of the distinctive feature of “Bayburt Honey”. He also mentioned that the honey produced in the application areas of Bayburt University is produced naturally without using any additives, Dr. Erdoğan expresses that the production of honey in natural and healthy conditions directly affects the quality; He underlined that Bayburt is one of the important centers in the production of high quality natural honey due to its untouched nature, clean and abundant water resources and geographical location.

In addition to the production of “Bayburt Honey”, important studies are carried out about the publicity of “Bayburt Honey” nationally and internationally. Studies are carried out on natural and herbal ways to increase honey bee breeding, fight against honey bee diseases and colony performance. Within Bayburt University, many important projects have been implemented for the development and expansion of organic beekeeping", and significant support is provided to the local people engaged in beekeeping.