Bayburt University Restructured Graduate Education According to Global Trends

The Social Sciences and Science Institutes of Bayburt University is merged as ‘Graduate Education Institute’ by the decision of the Türkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. In this sense, Bayburt University will be one of the first universities in the region giving interdisciplinary master's and doctorate education, which is the new trend in the global world.

It was stated that graduate disciplines were considered as a whole without division and that the Institute of Graduate Education, which forms the infrastructure of the multi-disciplinary Academy of the future, would free students ' areas of expertise from various limitations. Bayburt University, a pioneer in global higher education trends with its innovative vision, is one of the first universities to implement this new educational model in Turkey. Transformation program, implemented within the framework of the obligation of academicians who contribute to economic, industrial and cultural development, to have the ability to work interdisciplinary will increase the efficiency by combining scientific activities in the region in a single and multi-faceted educational system.

Rector Prof.Dr. Selçuk Coşkun, who made a statement about the working principles of the Graduate Institute of Education said that the scientific field which is in constant division with the practice of specialization consists of units that interact with each other continuously. Rector Coşkun said that the Institute, which offers an example of a restructuring that integrates the practices in the field with the synergies of togetherness, would increas the regional mission of Bayburt University more effectively. Pointing out that no longer a branch of science can be considered alone, Rector Prof.Dr.Coşkun said that the Graduate Education Institute, which combines science, social and Health Sciences, addresses the future trends and that this kind of restructuring is expected to be implemented all over the world in the future.

Starting from the academic year 2019-2020, all graduate activities at Bayburt University will be carried out under the supervision of Graduate Education Institute.