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The Happiness of Nowruz in Our University,

Nowruz Festival, which is accepted as the herald of spring and the festival of nature, was celebrated with enthusiasm in our university's Bâbertî Complex.

Nowruz, which is celebrated with local colors and beliefs in a wide region from Central Asia to the nations in the Balkans, which is identified and symbolized by each nation with their own cultural values, and where the arrival of spring is celebrated in essence, was welcomed with enthusiasm in our university.

Nowruz, the symbol of the arrival of spring, was celebrated at our University with various activities. Students, academics and administrative staff, who came together at the Bâbertî Complex of our University as part of the Nowruz activities, had a pleasant time jumping over the fire. After the Nowruz fire was lit, our university's Nowruz activities continued with the forging of the anvil, the traditional archery show, the music concert of our university music ensemble, the equestrian show prepared by the Bayburt 21 February Equestrian Sports Club, and various games.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. MutluTürkmen said, “Nowruz Festival, which has been carefully celebrated in the Turkish world for years, still continues to be celebrated with various preparations. We wanted to celebrate Nowruz, which is celebrated not only as a ceremony to welcome the spring but also as a welcoming ceremony for the new year, and which is one of the ancient traditions of the Turks, with a symbolic event. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to the preparation of the ceremony. I wish that Nowruz, which represents wealth and abundance, will be beneficial to all humanity."

Bayburt Mayor Hükmü Pekmezci said, "I am happy to be here today with the Nowruz ceremony prepared by our university, and the celebrations that have continued for centuries and the Ergenekon, which is one of the most important epics of the Turkish world, to be kept alive here again. Happy Nowruz Day to all of you."

Bayburt Governor Cüneyt Epcim, Bayburt Mayor Hükmü Pekmezci, Bayburt Provincial Police Chief Ayhan Bodur, Bayburt Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Ramazan Yiğit, Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Adem Köse and Provincial Treasurer Yüksel Ertekin, our deans, directors, academic and administrative staff attended the celebrations.

Nowruz Celebrations came to an end after the soup offered by Bayburt Municipality.

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