Menager's Message

Dear students,

In our Vocational School of Health Services, education is actively provided in nine Programs affiliated to five Departments: Medical Services and Techniques, Child Care and Youth Services, Pharmacy Services, Health Care Services and Management and Organization.

Health services require meticulous and self-sacrificing teamwork that includes intensive use of knowledge and effort. In this context, technical intermediate staff are trained in our School, who are prone to teamwork, care about public health and are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. In addition to education, panel, conversation and seminar activities that will contribute to the personal development of our students are also carried out. Especially in the distance education process, we make great efforts to be more effective and all our staff work intensively in order to provide an optimum level of education service. We are always ready to provide our students with quality knowledge with our equipped academicians, technological tools that support learning, and laboratories where scientific research and experiments can be carried out.

We want you to know that we will show all kinds of support and interest to all our students studying at our Health Services Vocational School, both during their education and after they graduate. I state that we are happy to see all our students who prefer our school among us, and I wish the 2020-2021 academic year to be beneficial for all our students.

Wishing you a successful academic year,

Love and respect.

Dr. Instructor Member Hamit Emre KIZIL
School Director


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