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On 31 May 2008, Bayburt Health Services Vocational School was established under the Rectorate of Bayburt University, in accordance with paragraph b of Annex 97 of the Official Gazette numbered 26892. Currently, our School has active Medical Services and Techniques, Health Care Services, Pharmacy Services, Child Care and Youth Services, and Management and Organization Departments.

Our Education Programs aim to train our students as competent professional members at national and international level. In this sense, as the Vocational School of Health Services, we aim to be a pioneering and innovative educational institution in the field with our teaching staff who have adopted the principle of interdisciplinary work. Our School, which works intensively to continue its education activities in places with all kinds of opportunities required by modern education, continues its education and research activities by establishing new laboratories in the necessary areas in line with the needs of our academic units and increasing the equipment of the existing laboratories.

A total of thirty-three (33) lecturers work in our school, including two (2) Associate Professors, twelve (12) Doctoral Faculty Members and nineteen (19) Lecturers. Our lecturers take part in many research projects and publish valuable works on a national and international scale.

Our students take theoretical and practical courses during their two-year associate degree education, and they are provided with professional practice, compulsory or voluntary internships in line with the "Preparation for Work Life" and "Internship" programs during the first and second year's semester or summer term.

All classrooms where classes are held are equipped with smart boards, projectors and internet connection. Courses that require computer application are carried out in the Computer Laboratory with 60 computers. Internet access via wired-wireless networks is unlimited in this laboratory. This laboratory, where students can get service by using their personal computers, is also open to students outside of class hours.

Various devices, laboratory instruments, hand tools, laboratory tools, hand tools, which students will use after graduation in the Opticians Laboratory, Biochemistry Laboratory, Molecular Biology and Genetics Laboratory, First and Emergency Aid Application Laboratory and Elderly Care Application Laboratory, were established so that students can use the theoretical knowledge they have acquired in practice and gain professional hand skills. instruments, chemicals and medical supplies.

Our School has 2219 registered students as of 2021 and continues its education activities in Dede Korkut Campus. The campus is within walking distance of the city center and it is possible to reach the dormitories affiliated to the General Directorate of Credit and Dormitories by minibuses.

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