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About Our School
Vocational School of Justice was established within our University in accordance with the decision of the General Assembly of Higher Education dated 15/01/2016 and article 7/d of the Law No. 2547 amended by the Law No. 2880.

In our School, there is a Department of Law and a Department of Justice, a Department of Office Services and a Secretariat, a Department of Law Office Management and a Secretariat, a Department of Property Protection and Security, and a Social Security Program under this department.

Our school started to accept students in 2017, and under the Law Department, Justice Program I. and II. Depending on the Department of Teaching, Office Services and Secretarial Law Office Management and Secretarial Program I. and II. continues its educational activities with the Department of Education, Property Protection and Security and, depending on this department, the Social Security Program.
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