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Our students can take their summer school education from summer schools held in other universities in the 2021-2022 academic year. Students who want to take courses from other universities are required to fill in the application petition (Appendix) and apply with the course content they will receive from the relevant university's website. Our students can submit their applications to the relevant department secretariat by e-mail.
The applications will be evaluated by the relevant unit boards and the decision will be announced on the Vocational School of Justice website. Our students can take courses from other universities if their applications are approved by the relevant committee.

1. Application Petition CLICK HERE for the Application Form for Taking Courses from Different Universities at Summer School.
2. Detailed transcript with current date

3. Course Contents to be Taken from the Counter University (Can be Unapproved, Unsigned)

Petitions without signature will not be processed!
In summer school, a student can enroll in five (5) courses, not exceeding twenty credits/ECTS.
However, the weekly course hours of the courses a student will take in summer school cannot be more than forty hours.
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