Strategic Goals

Strategic Purposes

Strategic Goals

To improve the quality of education and training

Student satisfaction, using survey results more effectively

Increasing the number of students and faculty members

Increasing the number of computers per student in order to facilitate students' access to information

Increasing the support for department and personal development in order to provide the highest level of student motivation, supporting the student club.

Keeping the course content up-to-date.

Increasing student-faculty interaction

Improvement of classroom and laboratory areas, bringing them to a modern state

To provide effective communication between administration, faculty and students at all levels.

To establish units that provide guidance and psychological counseling services to our students.

Increasing the number of books in the existing library

Contributing to the social and cultural development of the region

To give conferences and seminars that will contribute to regional development by cooperating with public and non-governmental organizations

Organizing seminars and conferences to improve the awareness level of primary and secondary school students and their parents in the region.

Supporting activities for regional problems and services open to the community

Increasing research and development potential

Increasing the number of qualified teaching staff

Giving young academics experience abroad

Increasing scientific research activities (publication, thesis, project)

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