Message from our Manager

Dear Youngsters

Our school, located in the Aydıntepe district of Bayburt, one of the distinguished provinces of the Black Sea, started its education life as of 2016 and has become one of the innovative Vocational Schools that carry out educational activities with its newly established dynamic staff.

In our vocational school, which develops and grows with new departments added almost every year, education activities are carried out in 5 different programs in total as of 2021. Theoretical and applied courses are often given by our distinguished academic staff/members who have high knowledge and expertise in their fields. Necessary educational activities are carried out in order to increase the practical knowledge and professional experience of our students through practical courses and compulsory internship practice. Our college has ample opportunities to train qualified, understanding, well-equipped and sought after manpower.

In our Vocational School, there are Computer Laboratory, Food Laboratory, Technical Drawing Class, Child Development Workshop and Child Development Unit, Sports Hall, Student Dining Hall and Dormitories. In addition, there is a 150-person conference hall that allows all kinds of congresses, conferences and ceremonies to be held, and a library where students can study 24/7.

In order for you to reach your dreams, we will always be by your side with all our academic and administrative staff, both during your education and in your future life. I would like to welcome you to our Vocational School, where you have come to ensure that your career path is clear and your life is full of success.


Dr. Instructor Member Fatih DEMIR

Aydıntepe Vocational School Director

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