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Dean's Message


The basic knowledge and skills you will acquire in university life are very important in order to achieve your dreams and goals in life. Our aim is to contribute to your positive impact on both your own life and the lives of others by presenting the basic knowledge and skills that you will benefit from while making your dreams come true.


As the Faculty of Art and Design, our goal is to raise qualified young people who are intellectual, creative and have original thoughts, productive, sensitive, aware of the values ​​of their own country and the values ​​and principles of contemporary world art. Our faculty was established with the aim of producing creative and scientific solutions to the problems of the world we live in, taking into account universal values. First, our policies in the field of teaching are based on the principle of combining teaching and research.


Our education and training programs, which are carried out with a visionary perspective apart from the standard education approach, will not only raise qualified individuals who shape the future and art, but will also make a name for themselves with its educational structure. The present and future needs of the society have been taken into account in the preparation of the curriculum and content.


Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department, Landscape Department will continue their professional life as creative, researcher and aware of the dynamics of the 21st century, who know how to access and research information, follow the innovations of the design world and technology when they graduate, through their professional practice and interdisciplinary studies during their education period. . We plan to broaden the horizons of our students, to provide them with access to cultural riches and to integrate them into society as individuals who can use effective communication techniques. We are waiting for you at our Art and Design Faculty with our education staff who love their profession, produce and improve themselves. Dear students, I wish you a good education life that will help you achieve your dreams and goals.


Love and respect,

prof. Dr. Mahir KADAKAL

Dean V.

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