In 2020 Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) Placements, Bayburt University Undergraduate Departments Reached Nearly 100% and Associate Degree Departments Reached 93% of Their Capacities.

According to the preference results of the 2020 Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) and the determined quotas, the preference rate of Bayburt University's units providing education at the undergraduate level was approximately 100%, and the rate of preference at the associate degree level was 93%.

According to the 2020 YKS placement results, Bayburt University has reached a hundred percent preference rate in the Bayburt Faculty of Education, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences and Faculty of Applied Sciences, and also has reached a significant success with 99.65% preference rate in all of its undergraduate level units. A placement rate of 93% was reached in the Vocational Schools, where education services were realized with 45 programs.


Evaluating the results of the Higher Education Institutions Examination, Bayburt University Rector Prof. Dr. Selçuk Coşkun stated that the occupancy rate of nearly 100 percent in the capacity of undergraduate and associate degrees at Bayburt University made them happy. Adding that the achieved student placement rate of Bayburt University in the total capacity determined by OSYM is a result of the trust in Bayburt and Bayburt University, Rector Coşkun said, "I wish success to our students who chose Bayburt University and joined our education family in their new education lives, and I congratulate all our students who have the excitement of being a university student and prefer the Bayburt University family for their right choices."